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Mouse Hunter is a free utility that optimizes the work with the mouse wheel
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21 March 2014

Editor's review

At the same time as reading documents on your computer system or visiting any website, the necessity of dragging that webpage or document down to see the rest part is a daily job. So we tend make use of the scroll button of the mouse to quickly follow through the entire part. Now to enhance the complete usage and optimization of scroll button, just check out of Mouse Hunter 1.62. With this software application you can scroll almost all the UI elements which otherwise is not possible via normal scrolling function of Windows. In general you are required to activate any object prior to scrolling it, whereas with it there is no need for activating the object and you can simply scroll through it.

Mouse Hunter offers to be a great help in the aspect of scrolling any application with mouse wheel. Anything below the mouse cursor and without any sort of activation of object it aids in scrolling. Using this application you will be in a position to scroll pages horizontally by pressing Ctrl, Shift, and Left or Right buttons. All you have to do is do the necessary setting. Whole thing might be very simple but turns out to be very handy when you have to view many pages in web and quickly scroll through it. Converting the language of this solution into various other languages is also easy to allow people with non-English accent understand its functionality. Moment you will open the application you will view configuration window where you can set desired setting to make it much easier to work.

Free to use, the mouse hunter is easy to install as well as uninstall. Even though there are not many brilliant things about it, still the application is useful and as far as rating the tool, we can avail a rating of 3.5 to it.

Publisher's description

Mouse Hunter is a free utility that optimizes the work with the mouse wheel. When you spin the mouse wheel it scrolls the UI element that is located under the mouse pointer, not the element that has the input focus (which responds to the keyboard input) as it usually happens in Windows.
It works with almost all applications.
It sits in your system tray as an icon.
Left-click on the icon to enable or disable the Mouse Hunter.
Double left-click on the icon to open settings.
Right-click on the icon to get the context menu.
In the settings you can enable horizontal scrolling when certain buttons are pressed.
Mouse Hunter
Mouse Hunter
Version 1.70
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